Interesting drone facts:

By September 30, 2014Uncategorized

A couple of quick hits regarding interesting drone facts, their effect on marketing statistics, and more:

  • Real estate and commercial properties with a video receive over 400% more inquiries and tend to sell at a much faster rate.

  • Our equipment and most importantly the property we film are covered by insurance.

  • UAV’s or drones have been ruled legal to use for commercial use on more than one occasion by an administrative judge on the National Transportation Safety Board.

  • Websites and pages online with a video are featured much more prominently in search engine optimization and will pop up in searches much more frequently.

  • Conversion of a sale increases by over 60% if a product or property features a brief video. Products and properties with aerial views enjoy an increased conversion rate of over 70%!

  • By 2017, over 70% of all online traffic will be video based.

  • 90% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, communications, and views.

  • Our UAV’s and drones can fly indoors if enough space is available.

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