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We proudly offer Commercial Photography throughout the Wine Country, North Bay Area, and beyond!

Darren Loveland, professional photographer based in the Napa Valley, has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 10+ years. Capturing stunning images for clients to help showcase their brand and promote their business. Darren prides himself on being easy to work with, maintaining deadlines, prompt communication, and most importantly, delivering high-quality images.

To learn more about Darren Loveland’s photography or to book a photo shoot, visit: or email: [email protected]

Specializing in Professional Photography for the Following:

Commercial Wine Industry Photography

  • Candid documentary style photography of the wine-making process, including harvest, bottling, action in the cellar/winery, tending to vines, and much more.
  • Vignettes and macro images for artistic beauty found throughout the wine industry.
  • Grand landscapes of vineyards, wine country vistas, and winery properties.
  • Portraits of the team behind the magic.
  • Professional Wine Bottle photography, floating for online wine eCommerce or staged with props and food.
  • Lifestyle photography around the tasting room for editorial and marketing purposes.

Professional “Estate” Photography – high resolution images for Luxury Real Estate and Vacation Properties

  • Interior photos captured with multiple exposures and hand-merged to convey perfect light inside the home, and outside views beyond the windows.
  • Twilight photography captured at dusk to feature the property in it’s optimal light.
  • Exterior images to highlight the first impression, architecture, and well-kept grounds.
  • Aerial photography to feature expansive acreage, views, nearby attractions, and landmarks.

Wine Industry Photography Examples:

Estate Photography Examples:

To learn more about Darren Loveland’s photography or to book a photo shoot, visit: or email: [email protected]