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For Aerial Video or Photography Services

Call Darren at (707) 363-2489 or [email protected]

Our services include Professional Photography, Commercial Video, RAW Aerial Video Requests, Real Estate Photography & Video, and Drone Media for Site Surveys.

We have tenured experience with the following industries: Wineries & Vineyards, Real Estate, Commercial Production, Small Business Storytelling & Branding

If you would like to discuss something more unique and creative, we’d love to chat! Pricing typically begins at $750.00 per half day of service. Real Estate Photography begins at $249.00 per listing.

Darren Loveland


"At Aerial Photo Media, we set the bar of excellence in this exciting new industry and we achieve it each and every day. It's an honor to be a frontier leader of such a new and cutting edge concept." - Speaking at UC Berkeley for ACE UC Berkeley "Drones: the Aerial Swiss Army Knife" September 2014

Contact Info

Darren Loveland
Founder & Principal Operator
Phone: (707) 363 – 2489
Email: [email protected]

We love hearing from our clients!

Please include details in your inquiry such as type of business or project, location, and services of interest such as Aerial Photography, Aerial Video, Web Design, and more.

For Real Estate inquiries please include details such as the approximate square footage of the home, acreage of the property, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, and any unique factors you want to share.

To Purchase the Services of Aerial Photo Media

Email us here or call Darren at (707)-363-2489