• Real estate and commercial properties with a video receive over 400% more inquiries and tend to sell at a much faster rate.

  • Our equipment and most importantly the property we film are covered by insurance.

  • UAV’s or drones have been ruled legal to use for commercial use on more than one occasion by an administrative judge on the National Transportation Safety Board.

  • Websites and pages online with a video are featured much more prominently in search engine optimization and will pop up in searches much more frequently.

  • Conversion of a sale increases by over 60% if a product or property features a brief video. Products and properties with aerial views enjoy an increased conversion rate of over 70%!

  • By 2017, over 70% of all online traffic will be video based.

  • 90% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, communications, and views.

  • Our UAV’s and drones can fly indoors if enough space is available.

  • Our video footage is shot in HD 1080p and up to 60 frames per second.

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Aerial Photo Media provides industry leading marketing services to showcase real estate, commercial properties, wineries, hotels, resorts, and much more. Partner with Aerial Photo Media and capture your property and product from never before seen perspectives.

Inside & Out

Our team’s experienced skill-sets combine to capture a wide array of dynamic video for the entire property, inside & out.  We utilize a sophisticated spectrum of technology & equipment which is often found on leading sets of Hollywood productions, all for the purpose of showcasing your property in high definition format. Our footage covers interior areas with sophisticated flash techniques when needed and a keen eye for professional artistic media. We film and photograph the exterior with a unique set of camera mounts and movement inducing technology. Most importantly, Aerial Photo Media provides unparalleled aerial video and photography.

We’ve elevated the industry standard of real estate marketing.  Our services promise a new standard in marketing your property and standing out among your competition.

Defined by professionalism

The artistic side of our professionalism shows.  At the root of our business, we enjoy technology, photography, and videography; this is why we take such care in our finished product.  We’re perfectionists with our trade because it’s something we thoroughly care about.  Our product represents our professionalism, just as your marketing efforts conveys dedication to your profession.

Aerial San Francisco TransAmerica Shot-2What are the capabilities?

Our technology captures everything from the ground, to subtle hovering, all the way to the horizon of the sky, and everything in between!

aerial beach stillThe next generation of media has arrived: Aerial Videography & Photography.  We’re excited to be at the forefront of a new frontier in marketing.

We’ve teamed with a handful of leading technology companies to incorporate aerial capabilities to our media forms of photography & videography.  By taking our cameras in to the air, we allow your property to be seen from an entirely new realm of perspective to captivate viewers.

Why Aerial Video and Photo Media?St Andrews lower back aerial-2

Aerial media has become a necessity to meet the demands of contemporary marketing and to stay ahead of your competition.  Whether your property features expansive acreage, breath-taking vistas, aesthetic scenery; we capture it all.  Our technology allows your property to be featured from an entirely new perspective to captivate audiences.

Aerial Media provides the viewers with an intimate and breathtaking composition of never before seen perspectives. Applying this concept to real estate, wineries, hotels, resorts, and much more, is a no brainer.

How is it formatted?544 Westgate Dr. Napa, CA 94558.mp4.Still001

All of our content is formatted for the entire spectrum of today’s leading online viewing sites, specifically YouTube and Vimeo.  Once complete, we’ve designed content to look great on laptops, tablets, iPads, mobile smart phones, and desktop monitors. The Aerial Media is seamlessly integrated with our ground video of interior & exterior footage to create Hollywood worthy marketing videos of your property.  All of our footage is optimized for 1080p.

How do I get started and utilize Aerial Photo Media marketing services?

Our services are designed for all sorts of concepts, first give us a call at (707) 363 – 2489 or contact us here to tell us more about your project. Our initial consultations are free of charge. Many of our marketing services are bundled together based on demands of our clients. Our packages and bundles are a starting point to develop a marketing campaign for your product or property. From the packages and bundles, you can customize and tailor our services to fit the specific desires for your marketing campaign or stay with the guideline and keep life nice and simple in your marketing world.