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Twilight Real Estate Photography

Real estate marketing has become one of the most competitive industries in today’s business world, and sharp brokers know how to leverage smart marketing tactics. Photography, video, website development, even drone video & photography have become regular contributions to a broker’s quiver.

As I work with more and more real estate professionals I find that two marketing concepts are often overlooked, SEO practices (which we’ll save for another post at another time) and Twilight Photography.

What exactly is Twilight Photography? Well let’s preview a few examples:

What exactly is Twilight Photography? Each night there is a special period of time at the tail end of photographer’s “magic hour” or “golden hour” – just prior to the total blanket of night at sundown; this period of time is known as “blue light.”

During blue light, the sun has completely passed the horizon and allows the night sky to showcase a vibrant array of colors with a stark blue backdrop. It’s a brief window of opportunity for photographers as this period lasts roughly 15-20 minutes in total.

At the peak of blue light colors tend to be more saturated with the absence of natural shadows and direct sunlight. Interior colors from a home such as yellow and orange tend to “pop” significantly against vibrant contrast of the twilight sky.

This special window of natural coloring and backdrop is not only a photographers favorite, but it’s an ideal opportunity for sharp real estate professionals. This particular window of opportunity allows a property to be highlighted naturally, without the need for a big Hollywood-esque set of lighting/screening; or the synthetic work of photo-shop and crafty editing.

If you thumb through a real estate listing publication, you’ll often find the most eye-catching photographs are taken at twilight. In this regard, it’s no coincidence that a potential buyer is gravitating towards properties with this type of marketing and showcasing. After all, as people, we like pretty colors.

If you’d like to hear more about Twilight Photography or work with me directly to photograph a property, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached directly at (707) 363 – 2489 or via email [email protected]