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Patron works with Drones!

As the drone industry continues to explode, advertising and marketing has been one of the driving forces for positive drone applications. Video marketing with low altitude views has easily become one of the most jaw-dropping and unique methods for telling a story, showcasing a property, or highlight a business and it’s services. Like never before, businesses across the globe are leveraging the high quality footage captured by drones to provide a special look at their product.

Recently, adweek published a segment about Patron, one of the world leaders in the Tequila industry utilizing drones to tell their story. The concept was derived from the importance of the bee pollinating and being a crucial part of the agave plant, which Tequila is made from. So, the drone was used to tell the story of Tequila, through the eyes of a bee! Genius approach and definitely a tactic that we’ll be keeping in our pocket for operations at Aerial Photo Media.

Here is the full link to the article

Safe and happy flying!