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Napa Valley Drone Company

By January 20, 2015Uncategorized

That’s exactly what we are, the premiere Napa Valley Drone company. I write this post today because over the past few weeks we’ve received a handful of inquiries to the tune of “what exactly is Aerial Photo Media?” The more I thought about it, the more complicated the answer became. Sure, we’re a drone company in the Napa Valley, we film beautiful sceneries from the sky and we utilize the footage for a multitude of purposes, but more importantly, we’re a part of a new age technology, and that’s where the fun is.

When we launched (pun intended!) back in 2013 we had one goal in mind, to become the premiere Napa Valley Drone Company to offer unique video & photography services for all clients. We originally envisioned real estate as our primary market, but it didn’t take long to expand in to commercial business such as architecture, roofing, hotels, solar, and our biggest industry yet, wineries. Our latest project has been infrared & NDVI footage for agriculture survey, which we’re still in the process of perfecting. For more information about our AVS package (Aerial Vineyard Survey) click here.

Of course, being a Napa Valley Drone Company has its perks, we get to scope out amazing scenery, establish connections with world renowned wine makers, and be active outdoors. But I can assure you, it’s not easy work. The  majority of our projects find our team up until the late hours editing video and then back up again before the sun rises to drive up to some of the highest peaks in Napa Valley to capture the perfect sunrise shots. All in all, it’s absolutely worth it. At Aerial Photo Media we’re proud to be the #1 Drone Company in the Napa Valley and we’ll continue to strive towards offering professional aerial photography, video, and data collection services for all of our wine country clients.

Check out some of our recent sunrise photos: