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Surrey Police Falsely Arrest BBC Drone Operator

By January 16, 2015Uncategorized

There’s a lot of buzz around the drone industry these day’s, and while Aerial Photo Media aims to focus on the positive, every now and then a curve ball story comes out that we have to put our eyes on.

A fatal fire in Newchapel, Surry, claimed the life of a few residents just before the turn of the new year.  A nearby photographer on retainer with the BBC decided to utilize his drone, which he had been flying professionally for over a year, to capture a better and safer perspective of the scene. After receiving permission from the land owners, and informing the local police of his steps of action, he was arrested mid-flight, before being able to land his drone.

Eddie Mitchell, the photographer of reference, is planning to sue the Surrey Police Department for damages to his drone & lost wages.

Here is a link to the full article: