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Drones to Protect Pyramid Sites in Peru

By January 15, 2015Uncategorized

Archaeology is easily one of the most fascinating subjects in academia and a crucial realm of study for understanding our past and helping to answer questions about who we are and where we come from. These types of esoteric consideration are always a blast and make for great conversation. After all, when we first dreamed up the concept of Aerial Photo Media, it seemed a bit esoteric as well; and now it’s a reality. Hats off to the individuals who are actually in the field, digging up ancient sites, and presenting the data.

Sadly, Archaeology can be a bit of a fickle practice as many times sites are forbidden or difficult to dig upon. Also, the data can easily be ruined by weather or interference. A common issue with Archaeology can be interference of ancient sites on behalf of squatters, commercial builders, miners, and more. Recently in Peru, archaeologists started utilizing drones to assist with the data survey and mapping to help expedite the process and collect the valuable information before the negative interference can become an issue.

The drone work is being used to develop 3-D mapping of the sites and also used to monitor the site borders for any potential danger or harm that may be imposed by nearby farmers, builders, and squatters.

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