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Teaching Youth About Positive Drone Use

By January 6, 2015Uncategorized

Just before Christmas and the dawn of 2015, Aerial Photo Media was given a great opportunity to work with an educational youth program in the Napa Valley known as ACE. You can find a direct link to their website here: ACE. I spent a little over an hour with a few dozen kids between the ages of junior high school and high school, speaking about the positive uses of Drones, such as search & rescue, farm crop survey, sports marketing, and much more.

The engagement on behalf of the kids was quite impressive. They were equipped with a wide variety of well thought questions and little lightbulbs seemed to illuminate as they gained exposure to one of technologies newest and most exciting industries.

We also spoke at length regarding the process of being an entrepreneur, starting a business, and how to overcome some of the difficulties.

At the end of the event, we took the drones out to a save open area and did a quick flying demo for the kids. Needless to say, everyone was in awe and quite inspired.

These types of speeches and interactions, a form of giving back to the community, specifically the youth; is easily one of the greatest perks of being involved in small business & contemporary technology.

Here is a link to the ACE Facebook page where you can see some of the photos from the speech: