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Drones Becoming Legal for Real Estate

By January 6, 2015Uncategorized

Doug Trudeau, a real estate agent in Arizona recently received approval from the FAA to utilize Drones, or what he is labeling as “Small Unmanned Aerial Systems” to help promote his real estate sale listings.

“Don’t call them drones,” Trudeau told ABC News, preferring to call the devices SUAS or “Small Unmanned Aerial Systems.”

“Drones are a derogatory term. Drones are what you see flying over Afghanistan,” he added.

Trudeau sought minor assistance from an attorney to receive approval from the FAA.

Among many positive breakthroughs in the past few months, this particular ripple is quite unique. The utilization of this type of label not only removes the nefarious term of “drones” from the industry, but the FAA seemingly didn’t bat an eye. Not only did the FAA not bat an eye, but their allowance of using drones in real estate photography with this label apparently encourages the new label. At Aerial Photo Media we’re excited to be part of this new industry and we’ll take this latest update a plus!

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