What Would You Do With A Bite Size Drone That Follows You Around?

By December 14, 2014Uncategorized

Many people are accustomed to having their family pet follow them around for companionship, security, or even aide in the incident of someone who is handicapped. What if people could program a tiny drone to follow them around?

BBC just published an article featuring a proprietary drone that’s about the size of a human hand, weighs a mere 4 grams, and it can fly autonomous while following it’s “pilot” without needing to be controlled. The autonomous function only works outdoors as it has to be in touch with GPS satellites, but once indoors, the pilot can take over controls with a common controller, as per usual with most drones.

The fun doesn’t stop there, this particular drone is also equipped with a tiny camera, which can provide live footage to smartphone or small monitor set-up. The footage can also be saved for future examination.

Imagine the possibilities!  One could use this technology to survey areas ahead of them and report back instantaneously, or just provide general surveillance while out and about. Applications for search & rescue, property surveillance, large scale land survey, security surveillance, crime fighting, and much more can all be assisted by this type of technology.

Here is the full link to the story with video footage: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30430473