Real Estate Agent Web Intro Videos

By November 7, 2014Uncategorized

While Aerial Photo Media primarily specializes in aerial photography & video, we also offer an array of similar services such as interior & exterior photography, short video clips, and web design. Recently, one of our clients in the Real Estate industry asked about a unique concept: a web intro video for her website. A good friend Yasmine Austere with Alan Pinel Realtors wanted to set her website a part from the competition and integrate a short video as an introduction to her website. While this was a new entity to Aerial Photo Media, the faculties were essentially the same: interior & exterior short video clips, a little bit of aerial work (although eventually excluded from the final cut), and some royalty free music.

It was a blast working with Yasmine, you can tell she truly cares about her profession and providing her clients with the best service possible. She’s also well established in the Real Estate industry specifically in the East Bay of CA. Here is a link to her page: