Aerial Vineyard Footage

By August 26, 2014Uncategorized

I’m super excited to finally release the series of marketing videos I created for Ridge Vineyards. It’s been about a 2 month process to perfect the footage and produce the videos for the winery to utilize. Along the way, I learned a ton and found a few staples in my post production techniques that I can utilize moving forward to make the process much more seamless.

Vineyard footage can be a bit repetitive, so it’s a great idea to utilize different angles and techniques based on the terrain. For example, I like to fly a bit lower to the ground when covering terraces or hillsides, to really showcase the change in elevation. When focusing on a small vineyard parcel, I’ve found that circling shots and panning shots tend to work best. This was the first time I stretched my drones over a mile away from the controls and I was amazed at how well they performed; a true testament to contemporary technology.

It’s really quite incredible what drones or UAV’s can capture with cameras now days, and vineyards are no exception. Napa Valley and Sonoma are home to some of the most breathtaking views in the world and it’s a true honor to capture these views with my drones!

Check out the gallery link at the top of the screen and view the Ridge Vineyards marketing videos today! There are four of them so far, showcasing the East Bench, Lytton Springs East & West, and Geyserville locations, all found near the Ridge Winery just north of Healdsburg in Sonoma County.