Camera Rental Equipment with

Let’s be honest, the camera equipment industry can be very, very confusing with all of the different options, brands, and styles. It seems now days the amount of lenses and what they can be used for have become such a saturated market that it can be very difficult to decide on what to purchase and for what purpose.

Do you go with a full frame DSLR camera and utilize an entry level lens? Do you take a step down and use a lesser expensive model and invest heavily in a great lens kit or two? There are plenty of review options online and many different resources to compare and contrast, but the reality is simple: you need to get your hands on the equipment and use it.

I found this company recently: and they are simply awesome. You can rent just about any camera, lens, tripod, or miscellaneous piece of camera equipment for a few days, a week, or even longer. You can extend your order if you want a bit more time to work with the equipment at reasonable rates with no hidden fees.

Another great aspect of is that they have hubs all over the country. That means they’ll ship the equipment to the hub near you, and you can pick it up yourself. The hubs are typically photography stores or camera shops of some type.

In addition to the great program, the customer service is top notch and they’re super flexible. I’ve had to extend multiple orders and they always abide with a smile.

If you’re interested in a great piece of camera equipment but want to try it out before making the purchase, go with and get a real working feel for the camera gear before your purchase it elsewhere.