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Royalty Free Music

By May 22, 2014August 27th, 2014Uncategorized

For any of you that have experience in applying music to just about anything media related these days, you can probably attest to how hard it is to find something decent, at no charge. Not everyone has access to musical equipment or may not be inclined with the skills to develop their own tunes; this can leave some people in a jam. Overall, it’s pretty easy to find complimentary services or templates of just about anything on the internet these days, but music is still a bit of a hold over. After a long while of searching, I found this guy’s website ( by Kevin MacLeod, and he’s doing some great stuff. Basically he’s got a huge library of instrumental music that covers a wide variety tunes. The library of music is basically designed to be background stuff for videos posted online. He offers the music for free if you just give him a little credit notion of applying his name/website to the info on wherever you use his music online.

Pretty simple, and an awesome concept. Shout out to Kevin MacLeod at for providing great royalty free music services!