Solar, Window, and Roofing Marketing

Partner with Aerial Photo Media and immediately increase your business with aerial video marketing

Aerial Photo Media develops high definition footage, up close and personal for your Solar, Window, and Roofing operations. Your partnership with APM will provide aerial video footage for the following purposes:

  • New age aerial marketing for web, social media, and general advertising
  • Action footage of your team during installation
  • Before, during, and after footage to show the various stages of your team at work
  • Highlight footage of your premiere projects to showcase the extent of your team’s professionalism & quality
  • Progress report footage for contractor & client requests

Video marketing is our specialty, and the numbers speak for themselves. Our clients experience an increase in business:

  • Real estate and commercial properties with a video receive over 400% more
    inquiries and tend to convert business at a much faster rate.
  • Websites and pages online with a video are featured much more prominently in
    search engine optimization and will pop up in searches much more frequently.
  • Conversion of a sale increases by over 60% if a product or property features a
    brief video.
  • Products and properties with aerial views enjoy an increased conversion rate of
    over 70%!
  • By 2017, over 70% of all online traffic will be video based.
  • 90% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, communications, and

All of our marketing materials are provided in multi-media formats to best fit your needs. We handle everything from A-Z, including filming, editing, and post production.

Partner with Aerial Photo Media today and expand your business marketing reach immediately!

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