The Grand Bundle includes the following services contained in the first column. Additional services in the following column can be added for the advertised cost with a bundle purchase. Press the Purchase button to send us information about your project and take flight with Aerial Photo Media!

Grand Bundle

$ 4,500

Lead the Pack!
  • Aerial Video & Photo Media Included
  • 5 Minute HD Marketing Video
  • 30 Second HD Web Highlight Video
  • 60 Minute Loop Promotional Video
  • 100 HD Photographs
  • Sunset Footage
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Professional Narration
  • Professional Post Production
  • Multi-Media Formatting
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Additional Services

$ A.Q.

Per Service (w/ bundle purchase)
  • Additional HD Ground Photos (10): $250
  • Additional HD Aerial Photos (5): $350
  • Sunset Aerial Video Footage: $500
  • Sunset HD Ground Photos (7): $500
  • Professional Narration: $300
  • 60 Minute Loop Video: $1000
  • Website Design & Creation: $2500-$9000
  • Additional HD Ground Video Footage (30 seconds): $500
  • Additional HD Aerial Video (30 seconds): $800

About the Grand Bundle

The Grand Bundle is considered the coup de gras for marketing wineries, hotels, resorts, commercial property, and more. We break out all of the bells and whistles and deploy every unique vehicle of cutting edge media within our arsenal. The Grand Bundle is best suited for those looking to set themselves in to a new league of marketing and media perspective.

Our team captures your property or product with distinct and breathtaking aerial footage, cutting edge ground movements, and professional photography. We dedicate additional time to film and photograph your property during peak times of sunset, to offer rare and aesthetically beautiful shots.

After skilled post production services take place, with the Grand Bundle we deliver a 5 minute HD marketing video, a 30 second HD highlight clip optimized for the web, and 100 HD photographs.

In additional to your photographs and marketing videos, we also create a 60 minute HD loop video of 7-10 minutes of footage, featuring additional highlights of your property and the surrounding area. This type of loop video is great to play in the background of events, tasting rooms, visitor centers, spas, and more.

Your videos are complete with royalty free music, data text overlay, and personalized branding. In cohesion with the royalty free music, professional narration is integrated with your HD promotional marketing video.

Your photographs & video footage are delivered digitally in multi-media online formatting for YouTube, Vimeo, and more. Lastly, we insure that your footage will fit appropriately to mobile smart phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, and desktops.